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What is LEAPS?

LEAPS is a programme offered by ACE Enterprise Park to support people who want to set up a business in South County Dublin.

If you have never ran a business, the process from idea to managing your business can be dauting. We know that it can be difficult for smaller local start-ups to find the support you need to put your idea into action.

LEAPS will help you to join the dots and fill the gaps by providing co-working space, grants, advice, and a community of like-minded business owners to create your support network.

Investment in Professional Services is essential to build a successful business, as you cannot be an expert in all areas of your business. This is why the LEAPS programme provides grants to business owners to spend on essential support such as accounting, marketing, IT, sales, legal, creative, or other services your business requires.

Small business owners represent over 90% of all businesses in Ireland and are the lifeblood of our economy. Many of these business are run by owners who employ just themselves to begin with. These are the owners LEAPS aims to support most.

Over 12-15 months LEAPS will help you put your ideas and plans into action, from creating your business plan, to launching, to invoicing your customers. By utilising the LEAPS grants and supports you will be in a stronger position to build a successful and sustainable business.

Core Sectors

LEAPS focuses on 4 core sectors and offers additional facilities to support start-ups in these sectors:


A shared professional kitchen for businesses that need part-time access to a kitchen to prepare the food products that they sell.

Personal Service Providers

Shared therapy rooms for businesses such as massage therapists, beauticians, and reflexologists.

Professional Service Providers

Offices and meeting rooms for work such as digital marketing, accounting, IT, and business development.

E-Commerce Business

A media studio for product photography and videography can assist with online clothes shops, gift shops, art shops, furniture and more

We also offer...

LEAPS is open to all early stage start-ups with a focus on business in Food; Personal Services; Professional Services and E-commerce. All LEAPS participants become Members of ACE Park for the duration of the programme and have all to all members facilities including:

High Speed Internet
Training Rooms
Hybrid Meeting Rooms
Media Studio
Coffee Dock
Registered Business Address

Is LEAPS for me?

Do you have a business idea or business plan?

Do you need help to put your plans into action?

Would you like to work in a shared space alongside other start-ups?

Is your business idea in E-commerce, food, personal services, or professional services?

Do you plan to run your business in South County Dublin?

If your answers are yes, ACE would love to hear from you!

You have a business idea, so WHAT'S STOPPING YOU?

We understand that it takes a leap of faith to make the brave decision to start your own business. Challenges such as time, money, support, guidance are faced by all entrepreneurs on their journey.


Owner Exhaustion

How do I develop my business while working another job?


Developing the Business Idea

How do I move from an idea to a plan? How do I know this is an idea that will be successful?


Peer Support

How can I learn from other that are going through this? Where can I find a group of like minded start-ups to bounce ideas off of?


Financial Management

What do I need to know to manage my business finances? From pricing to tax, what do I need to know before I start operating?



Where will I find the right location that has the facilities and equipment I need for my business? How can I find a solution that is affordable while I get up and running?



How can I promote my business to the target audience? What low-cost marketing actions can I take?


Training Resources

I need to upskill in some areas to enable me to manage my business effectively. Where can I find suitable training?



There appears to be lots of support for start-ups but I find it difficult to find what is available for my business. Is there anything out there for me?

Your LEAPS Programme Journey


€145 per month**
Part-time access
3 months

Test & Learn

  • Complete Start Your Own Business Course (eg LEO)
  • Develop the skills you need (eg Digital, Marketing, Financial)
  • Complete Market Research
  • Create your Business Plan


€195 per month**
Full-time access
6 months

Develop The Business

  • Get Ready to Launch
  • Secure Premises
  • Design & Build Website
  • Source Suppliers
  • Grants for Professional Services to Support this Phase
  • Up to €3,000* Business Grant


€195 per month**
Full-time access
6 months

Implement The Plan

  • Start selling
  • Manage the Business
  • Cash Flow
  • Marketing
  • Grants for Professional Services to Support this Phase
  • Up to €3,000* Business Grant

* You can apply to join at Phase 1 if you have a business idea, or at Phase 2 if you have a complete Business Plan

** All amounts quoted are ex VAT

Benefits of LEAPS to Local Entrepreneurs

15 Month subsidized Co-working Space and Membership of ACE Enterprise Hub
€3,000* Business Grants for to be invested in third party Professional Services to develop your business
Access to Support from expert Community Manager
Access to specialised equipment and facilities in the ACE Enterprise Hub
Bi-Monthly Practical Business Workshops - hosted by ACE Professional Services Providers and Guest Speakers
Peer-to-peer support in the ACE Enterprise Hub members community
Monthly information webinar with local Enterprise Support Organisations LEO, Chamber & Partnership
Direct to training available through LEO, partnership, CEED, Solas, Skillnets and Springboard as appropriate
Rolling programme with flexible start dates to fit your individual business plans
Set your own hours to work around your other commitments while developing your business
Linked with one-to-one advice and mentoring offered by seasoned business mentors from the LEO Mentor network
Access to B2B Networks

What's the Catch?

To take part in LEAPS there is an investment required from participants:


To complete all 3 Phases will total 15 months, or 12 months if you start in Phase 2. Time is our most precious resource and we are flexible to work around hours that suit you. We recommend investing a minimum of 15 hours per week in Phase 1; 30 hours in Phase 2 and 40 hours in Phase 3.


Phase 1 is €145 ex VAT for successful applicants. For Phase 2 & Phase 3 the charge is €195 per month ex VAT for the use of the co-working office space. In return, you unlock up to €3,000 ex VAT in LEAPS Business Grants that can be invested in implementing your business plan. Please note that for access to specialist facilities; such as shared kitchen, or therapy rooms; an hourly rate applies and is subject to availability.


To successfully complete the programme it is recommended that participants engage fully with the supports provided, including the training, mentoring, and workshops available on an ongoing basis.


The ehtos of this programme is built on peer-to-peer support, creating a thricing community of entrepreneurs. In order for this to work all programme participants are asked to approach this from the point of view of "how can I support others?" This mindset is central to the culture in ACE Enterprise Park, and reflects the visions of ACE Enterprise Park.

Where Do I Sign Up?

LEAPS will launch on Autumn 2021 with 12 places available within the first 6 months. Applications are open from the end of August
To apply please just click below and complete the online application form.
Our community Manager will contact you to discuss your application and see whether LEAPS is a good support for you and your business.
For any queries regarding LEAPS contact ACE Park Community Manager - Kerrie Kavanagh on:
  01 2645709
  086 7765741