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Dedicated Spaces

Professional setups, secure high-speed internet, and a productive environment, perfect for emerging startups and established businesses

Key Features

Facilities Tailored to Your Needs


Secure High Speed Wi-Fi

Own Door Access

Community & Inclusion

Business Support & Networking


Perfect for Start/Scale Ups

Dedicated Spaces at Ace Enterprise Park

Our Dedicated Spaces arecrafted for businesses that require autonomy, and a professional and connected work environment.

Our own door units, alongside dedicated desks and private offices within the Enterprise Hub and Park, provide a bespoke atmosphere for both scaling startups and established companies.

With secure high-speed internet and an array of professional amenities, these spaces are dedicated to taking your business ambitions to the next level

Private Units

Our Private Units provide the ultimate workspace flexibility, catering to businesses that require a bespoke setup.

These units allow for a tailored office or workshop experience that can grow with your enterprise, offering a blend of privacy, exclusivity, and community engagement.

Key Features

  • Independent units
  • Customisable spaces for unique business needs
  • Secure 24/7 access
  • Membership perks including event space discounts
  • Secure Wi-Fi Available 
  • Part of a bustling business community

Price & Availability

  • Custom pricing based on space and business needs
  • Options for various business sizes and sectors
  • High demand with limited availability
  • Contact us to join the waitlist

Own Door Kitchen

Key Features

  • Food Ready 
  • Unique Arrangements 
  • Food Cluster 
  • Secure Wi-Fi Available 
  • Bawnogue and Neilstown Locations

Price & Availability

  • Custom pricing based on space and business needs
  • Options for various business sizes and sectors
  • High demand with limited availability
  • Contact us to join the waitlist

Private Offices

Private Offices at Ace Enterprise Park offer a professional and secure working environment, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

With a focus on privacy and productivity, these spaces come with full membership benefits and are ideal for teams looking to establish a solid presence in a supportive business environment.

Key Features

  • Private and Secure Access
  • Secure High-Speed Internet
  • Flexible layout to suit team requirements
  • Quiet, distraction-free setting
  • Networking and community access

Price & Availability

  • Pricing on application tailored to business requirements
  • Variety of office sizes available
  • Special offers for new members

Dedicated Desks

Dedicated Desks at Ace Enterprise Park are the perfect solution for professionals who desire a consistent and personal workspace within the vibrant co-working environment.

These reserved desks ensure you have the same spot each day, combining the stability of a private office with the community aspect of co-working.

Key Features

  • Personal desk reserved just for you
  • Quality furniture for comfort
  • Access to co-working amenities
  • Secure High-Speed Wi-Fi included
  • Special pricing for Ace members

Price & Availability

  • Competitive rates with dedicated use
  • Always available to you during business hours
  • Simple monthly billing, no long-term commitment
  • Exclusive discounts for members

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, any fixtures and fittings need to be done by a registered installer and signage is limited to one sign outside units which we provide, you can choose to have this done with your logo or leave unbranded. For offices, your business name will get added to the relevant building directory.
You can be added to a waiting list or shown any suitable available spaces. A checklist will be provided with all the actions needed to move to your new office or unit. This varies depending on the space. Depending on the stage of your business, items such as business plans, financial projections and statements and references may be sought, as well as a deposit.
Both sites have limited parking available. In Bawnogue, there is additional street parking and a church carpark across the road with extra parking. All parking is at your own risk and we respectfully request that you park in a free space carefully to avoid damaging anyone else’s property.

All of our spaces are different and carry different fees with different sizes and amenities, but with your monthly licence fee, you may also be expected to pay a service charge. Bins are a separate charge and are tiered based on how much waste you produce. Wi-Fi is a flat fee for a secure private connection to your office or unit.

Rates are payable directly to the council. Some units have their own electricity or gas connection, and these are transferred into your name on first taking over the unit.

All spaces have a Commercial rates bill with the South Dublin County Council, as a start up you can qualify for discounts.

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