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Therapy Suites

Designed with tranquility and privacy in mind, our Therapy Rooms are an ideal space for therapists, counsellors, and wellness professionals, providing a peaceful setting for client sessions.

Key Features

Facilities Tailored to Your Needs


Well Equipped Workspaces


Secure High Speed Wi-Fi

Secure & Private Spaces

Strategic Plan

Flexible Booking

Nurturing Wellness and Professional Growth

Our Therapy Suites offer a serene and professional environment for a wide range of therapeutic practices. These suites are designed with therapists and wellness professionals in mind, ensuring privacy, comfort, and a conducive atmosphere for client sessions. Each suite is equipped with necessary amenities, providing a turnkey solution for therapists to start and grow their practice without the financial burden of traditional office leasing.

Open to a variety of disciplines, the Therapy Suites at Ace are an ideal space for therapists and clinicians to focus on client well-being, supported by the flexibility and resources of the park.

Secure and Professional Environment

The Therapy Suites at Ace Enterprise Park offer a secure and professional environment tailored for therapists and wellness practitioners.

Each suite is thoughtfully designed to ensure privacy and comfort, essential for client confidentiality and trust. With 24/7 access, these spaces cater to the flexible scheduling needs of therapists, enabling them to focus wholly on their clients’ well-being.

Flexible and Affordable Solutions

Understanding the unique demands of therapy practices, Ace provides flexible plans for both new and established practitioners.

Our Therapy Suites are available for booking by the hour, reducing the financial burden of full-time office leasing. This flexibility allows therapists to scale their practice at their own pace, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.

Fully-Equipped for Diverse Practices

Our Therapy Suites are equipped with essential amenities, including Wi-Fi, manicure desks and chairs, and plinths for varied therapeutic practices.

Whether your focus is psychotherapy, reflexology, or physiotherapy, our facilities are adaptable to suit a range of therapy modalities. The availability of basic office amenities ensures therapists can provide a comprehensive service to their clients.


Our Therapy suite is located in Bawnogue, Clondalkin, Dublin 22.
Professional business address to meet clients.
Locked & secure buildings with 24/7 access after-hours.
Prepare a refreshing tea or coffee for your client to make them feel at home.
No need to pay extra for your office Wi-Fi, it’s included.
Without the risk of leasing a full-time space before you have a full-time caseload. Only have one client? No problem. Keep the security of your day job while growing your practice one client at a time.

Suite 1

Suite 1 is perfectly tailored for psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists, offering a serene environment conducive to in-depth sessions. Equipped with comfortable seating and essential therapy tools, this suite provides a private and calm space for sensitive consultations and therapy practices.

Suite 3

Suite 3 caters to holistic massage therapists, reflexologists, and physiotherapists. It’s a sanctuary for bodywork and healing practices, providing a soothing atmosphere and the right equipment for a range of physical therapies. This suite is a haven for clients seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are designed to ensure a professional, safe, and respectful environment. Therapists are required to book suites in advance, adhering to minimum booking times. It’s mandatory for all therapists to provide proof of personal insurance coverage.

The suites must be used strictly for the therapeutic practices specified, with adherence to all usage guidelines. Therapists are also responsible for maintaining the security and integrity of the suites during their use, following all facility access protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would advise you to book a tour with our community manager and view the space. You need to arrange insurance and indemnify Ace Park. Once you have registered as a therapy user and paid the membership, you can book your space online and start meeting clients!
No, once you have insurance you are cleared to operate your business in the room.

Each therapy suite user must have valid Product and Personal Liability Insurance in place.

Public and product liability insurance for €6.5m and Employer Liability for €13m and be able to provide a copy of the Insurance Certificate to Ace Enterprise Park.

Insurance must have a letter of indemnity for Ace Enterprise Park supplied with the Certificate of Insurance or it must be noted on the policy wording.

Once you have a membership, you must book and pay online.
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