Frequently Asked Questions

ACE Enterprise Park

3 years & on application a 4th year may be permitted.

New online booking facility with complimentary tea & coffee & wireless overhead projector and flip chart is provided.

Criteria for Initial Entry is listed below Businesses in need of support:

(i) Start Up’s (Preference for Leo referral).

(ii) Sole Traders within their 1st 3 years of trading.

(iii) Currently active with business mentors/coaches. 

(iv) On receipt of the BTWEA. 

- Preference is given to applicants from the greater catchment area. 

- Applicants with adequate funding in place (minimum deposit and 1st month’s rent upfront).

- Suitable business plan. 

- Not to displace an existing business.

- Where practical - non competing business.

- Appropriate to the Enterprise Park (not subject to planning), no significant internal modifications, exceptional out of hours activity.

- Potential to create further employment.

- Sustainable business with potential for growth.

- Clear understanding of the temporary nature of the license.

There is parking at ACE Enterprise Park but please note ACE Enterprise Park is not responsible for any damage or theft to your vehicle & parking your vehicle is at your own risk. 

You should NOT: 

- Not to park the vehicle in the same spot for more than 48 consecutive hours.

- Not to park the vehicle in the public area at the front of the ACE building.

- To park the vehicle in a clearly defined parking spot.

There is a designated area for smoking. Clients/Visitors who are using our facility or visiting are not to smoke at the front of the building.

Action Community & Enterprise CLG T/A Ace Enterprise Park is a facility developed in consultation with the Community of Clondalkin to support the development, growth and economy of Clondalkin and its residents.

A fundamental element of all community enterprise facilities which differentiate them from the commercial retail and industrial parks is the ability to provide a subsidised temporary space for small enterprises to allow them to grow and develop in a professional supportive environment and without the financial strains of a full commercial lease.

The success of the community enterprise centre is based on two key elements:

(1) The ability of the centre to stay financially sustainable. 

(2) Ensuring current occupants’ businesses are sustainable and they are ready to be progressed on after their licensed period has lapsed, thus resulting in available space for new micro enterprises.

The balancing act of the above two elements is critical to the success of any Community Enterprise Centre, as future economic activity will ultimately affect both.